Offshore Powerboat Racing According to Wikipedia:

Offshore powerboat racing is racing by large, ocean-going powerboats, typically point-to-point racing.

Probably the largest, most dangerous, and most powerful racing machines of all, the extreme expense of the boats and the fuel required to participate make it an expensive and elite sport. Many different classes of boats, can compete in individual races, on the same course, at the same time. This may include single or twin piston engine V-bottom boats, single or twin piston engine catamaran style boats, four piston engine boats, and turbine boats. In Europe, Middle East & Asia, offshore powerboat racing was led by the UIM regulated Class 1 but this category is no longer recognized by the sports governing body. It has re-organized itself and is instead regulated by the Dubai based WPPA, which now allows the sport to have a bigger variety in engines and props.

In the USA, offshore powerboat racing is split between the OPA Races, SBI/APBA/UIM races and the Premier organization of OSS races.

Depending on the class, speeds vary from 65 mph (105 km/h) to 190 mph (310 km/h).

Offshore Super Series (OSS)

The Offshore Super Series (OSS) is an offshore powerboat racing organization founded in December 2003 by 30 of the top offshore race boat teams in the USA. The teams were dissatisfied with the way their sport was going. Before the founding of OSS, the offshore racing sport had seen many attempts to create money-making franchises, often dubbed as “NASCAR on water.” These attempts were never fully realized, leaving a wake of unpaid debts and lawsuits.

The Offshore Super Series set out to change this. OSS is organized as a not for profit corporation, run by a democratically elected Board of Directors. OSS is organized into classes of race boats. Each class bringing 5 or more member boats to OSS has a right to nominate two directors on the OSS Board. The basic principle is “one boat, one vote.”

Founding board of Offshore Super Series or OSS

The OSS founding board consisted of nine directors. Each OSS Board member is elected for a two year term.

The OSS Not-For Profit Corporation was represented by Paul Whittier, President, Billy Mauff, Vice President, Stan Ware, Treasurer, and Bertel Schmitt, Secretary. Gerry Chastelet served as Director At Large, and Paul Whittier served as Chairman.


Since inception, OSS added three more classes:

The class speeds range from approximately 90mp/h for the OSSVL boats to 200 mp/h and more for the OSSTX boats.

Results of Ben Hedrick on Google:



Orange Beach, AL

(click to enlarge)

And when viewing the above picture, note where the Famous Miccosukee Fountain is located... To our stern...

Ok, we did end up breaking a water pickup during this race, but we did have them beat!








Key West, FL


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Driver: Ben Hedrick         Throttleman: Erick Wahlberg (RIP)             Wahlberg & Hedrick                         IMCO Team



Photos by: Tammy Page

Go here for: Team IMCO Page




Biloxi, MS

Driver: Ben Hedrick

Throttleman: Mark Kowalski

Photos by: Tammy Page


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Hooters 31

Grand Haven, MI

Driver: Ben Hedrick

Throttleman: Norm Colby


Photos by: Tammy Page


Wild Ride

St. Pete Beach, FL

First race, 1st Place (won by 7 seconds)

Second race, 2nd Place (lost by 14 seconds)

2008 OSS National Champions

2007 OSS World Champions

2005 2nd Place Overall World Champion... (lost by less than 7 seconds)

Driver: Ben Hedrick

Throttleman: Larry Kostelac


(click pics to enlarge)


Photos by: Tammy Page


Team Typhoon

Corpus Christi, TX

Driver: Ben Hedrick

Throttleman: Randy Schleuss


Team Solarized

Photo: 1st Place - Cape Cod, MA

Driver: Ben Hedrick

Throttleman: Bill Park

Photos by: Freeze Frame


Special Thanks to the following:

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And of course, to Laura and all of my family for their support and understanding always... (even though they really don't like me racing Powerboats.)



Team Victory

(ok, this is not me, but it's a cool set of pictures)

This is the result of a little too much trim and a little too much throttle... End results; bad day...


Note: In This crash series, I was not in the boat, didn't take the pictures, and yes the crew was OK from the accident.

Daytona Beach - 2003 DONZI F2





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