The Dash... My Dash... (your dash)

In life, we have a date in which we are born and a date on which we will die. In between those two dates all we have is our "dash"... This small dash represents your life and the time between your birth and your death. As we all know a dash is quite short. So let's all make the most of our dash, or our lives... I try to make the most of my dash and life everyday and I recommend that you do too.

I wish that I could take credit for this definition and understanding of the dash but I can't. I will say this though, it sure hit home for me when I was told about the dash. So everyone, please read it again and think about your dash and how you are living it…

If you are reading this, you are still building and working on your own dash. So take a minute think about your dash and see if it is what you want in life or if you want to add to it… 

And as always thanks for stopping by to see how my dash is coming along… 

Enjoy… Ben

Ben Hedrick

May 26, 1967 dash  xx/xx/20xx?


 Romeo Ortiz Hedrick; RIP 
01/09/1996  GREAT BIG DASH  08/22/2007



Life for us got a little more difficult on August 22, 2007 but for you, passing over that rainbow bridge brought you less pain and a set of angle wings to watch over us all. Please know that mommy and daddy miss you more than we could ever miss anyone... We know that heaven has the greatest angel ever now and that you are chasing crabs on the most beautiful beaches that you’ve ever seen... So as we always say; “Romeo go get the crabs…”
We Love you and miss you greatly, 
mommy and daddy...


 PS: You will always be the best part of our dash

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